Molly Bloom Poker Princess

Who is Molly Bloom? Molly Bloom became famous when she published her book called Molly’s Game, in which she uncovered the secret behind Hollywood underground poker games. Whether you have read the book or watched the movie of the same name, you must have noticed how inspiring her story is. Her whole life was a roller coaster with ups and downs, but, in the end, she managed to come out triumphant and show her real worth and strength. We decided to create a fan site where you can read about her life and find out what makes her so special and inspiring. You will be able to learn more about Bloom’s life, the book she wrote, the movie Molly’s Game, and even her net worth. 

In short, we created a fan website dedicated to Molly Bloom, a real person, who went through so much to become one of the most inspiring women today.

Molly Bloom Ski Accident

Even before she became Molly Bloom Poker Princess, she wasn’t an ordinary person. She started her skiing career at a rather young age and managed to become the third-best mogul skier in the entire country. 

While preparing for the Olympics, she had a terrible accident. Doctors even said that she wouldn’t be able to continue skiing. However, unlike in the movie, she managed to recover fully and go back on the slopes next year. Unfortunately, she never managed to get to the Olympics, and she soon realized that she was destined for something different, and decided to seek success elsewhere. 

Poker Princess Molly Bloom

When she moved to Los Angeles, she had to find a job, and soon started working as a waitress in the already famous club the Viper Room. The previous co-owner of the club was Johnny Depp, and the club was a rather popular destination for many famous actors and actresses. While the names of the club and many people were changed in the movie, the Molly Bloom real-life story is much more interesting. The sheer fact that everything really happened puts a lot of weight to the whole story. 

According to her memoir, Tobey Maguire, a famous actor, approached her boss with the idea of hosting a high-stakes poker game in the basement of the Viper Room club. Her boss asked her to cater to poker players, and that’s how her journey to the world of high stakes poker started. 

The most exciting part was when she received a single tip of $3,000 during the first night she catered. Bloom quickly realized that an opportunity like that is not something that everyone gets, and she decided to learn as much about the game as possible. 

The Real Molly Bloom

After losing her job at the Viper Room, she decided to start hosting her own games. She used the connections she had from the time she worked at the club, and soon almost every big player ditched the Viper Room for her game. She mentioned that during this time she saw a person lose 100 million in one night, only to return tomorrow and pay the whole amount. 

She was born in a small town in Colorado, and at one point she hosted games for players like Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and many more. 

Thanks to the high-stakes games she managed, her net worth skyrocketed. As we can imagine, being a part of something where the pot can get up to several million can be rather profitable. In her memoir, she explained in detail how those games worked, and even the locations and working spaces she used for hosting these events. 

Unfortunately, things weren’t great for a long time, and she eventually encountered difficulties. She writes in her memoir about the issues she had with drugs and alcohol, as well as the threats she received from the mob. They tried to force her into giving them a part of her money, and when she refused, they threatened her and her mother. The end of her poker career was when the feds learned about her games while investigating a case of bankruptcy and looking into one of her players who was in the middle of a Ponzi scheme. The feds raided her house, arresting her. 

The Book and the Movie

Another one on the list of Molly’s achievements is getting a movie based on her book. She managed to get in touch with Aaron Sorkin, her favorite writer, and he agreed to write a screenplay. 

In 2017, the film finally came out, and it was incredible. The movie is called Molly’s Game and stars Jessica Chastain in the main role. Both Chastain and Sorkin received praises for the work they did. The movie did a great job showing everything that happened to Molly during her time in Los Angeles. 

Naturally, there are differences between the movie and the real story, but the changes were mostly made to fit the story and the pacing of the movie better. For example, Idris Elba plays the role of Charlie Jaffey, Molly’s lawyer in the movie. Jaffey is not a real person, but Sorkin decided to go in this direction because it fit the story better. Other things are, however, mostly accurate. 

Bloom also said that she loved the movie and that she really enjoyed watching her story come to life. 

The New Molly and Her Life Today

Molly admitted in one of the interviews that she finally feels free and liberated now that everything is over. Of course, things could have gone much worse, and Bloom is happy with the second chance she got. 

If we take a look at her today, we can see that she is better than ever. She finally found happiness after all these years, and we can see that she’s trying to be the best version of herself. She showed how possible it is to go from nothing to everything and vice versa. Molly Bloom became an example for many, and she is well aware of it.

During one of the interviews, she said that she is well aware that things could have turned out much differently, and that she won’t waste this second chance she got. Bloom also talked about networking and ways to create a better community for women everywhere. 

Molly returned to her home in Colorado with the idea of spending time with her family. She mentioned that there is something about Colorado mountains that says home like nothing else can. And since we are talking about the good news and positive outcomes, we can add that Molly is engaged now. Her fiancé shared a touching story about the proposal during their vacation in Hawaii. 

Finally, Bloom gave a speech at the University of Colorado, where she graduated in 2018. We can be sure that her life and her story will continue to inspire people around the world and that she is meant for greatness. It is not often that people receive a second chance, and the fact that she is willing to do something great about it is incredible.