Molly Bloom’s Book That Reveals Celebrities Secret Poker Game


Many of you have heard about the book “Molly’s Game” published in 2014, and especially about the 2017 movie, but not many know the true story of the book’s author. The book describes the Hollywood celebrities participating in the illegal gambling ring, but still, there are questions regarding the truthfulness of both the book and the movie. In the Molly Bloom’s book, you can go through autobiographical adventures of the main heroine running exclusive high-stakes poker games. Let’s answer some questions that you may have about the book and film setting and the author’s personal life.

Was Molly Bloom a Professional Skier?

In the first scene of the movie, the heroine experiences a dramatic fall while skiing, which leads to her impossibility to continue with her skiing career. In real life, it is only partially true. All her family went into sports; her brother was a two-time Olympic Freestyle skier, and Molly decided to follow the same path. She was skiing on the Olympic qualifying run and crashed; she decided to retire due to some personal matters. 

How Did Molly Bloom Get into the High-Stakes Gambling?

High-Stakes Gambling

During her year off, in 2003, Molly Bloom went to Los Angeles and did different jobs. Eventually, she became a cocktail waitress and an executive assistant to real estate entrepreneur Darin Feinstein who co-owned a Hollywood nightclub, The Viper Room. Once, he asked her to run a poker game where the billionaires and celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire, the famous Spider-Man star, were playing. She thought it was her opportunity to change her life, and this is how she became involved in the world of underground poker.

Is the Cobra Lounge Real?

The Cobra Lounge, as it was portrayed in the movie, has a real-life reference, the Viper Room. It is situated on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. This club was partly owned by Johnny Depp from its opening till 2004. The first poker games described in the book took place there. 

Who Is “Player X”?

The book hints that the “Player X” is Tobey Maguire, as he plays a major part in Bloom’s memoir. He is described as “the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser’, and he was also the one who called her to inform that she had lost the game. 

How Did She Arrange a Movie Adaptation?

After finishing a book, the author started to look for a movie adaptation. In spite of meeting with many potential screenwriters, she wished to meet only one, Sorkin, and eventually, she did. Aaron Sorkin became the director of the movie, and as we can see now, he did a good job.

What Charges Did Molly Bloom Face?

In 2014 the “poker princess”, aged 36, was cleared of the majority of charges and was sentenced to one year of probation, 200 hours of community service, and a fine. 

What Is Molly Bloom Doing Nowadays?

Molly Bloom moved back to Denver, Colorado. She has paid her legal bills with the help of her mother but is still negotiating with the IRS about her restitution. She participated in a 12-step program to fight her drug addiction and practice meditation. In her free time, she is helping women by creating co-working spaces for them to connect, grow, and succeed.